Ben Herr and Mimi Wesson, Props.


Ben Herr has been a llama owner since 1996.  He worked for Bobra Goldsmith at Rocky Mountain Llamas and John and Sharon Beacham at Pheasant Hill Farm until 2003, when he and Mimi bought the property that they would make into Rancho Lobo y Mariposa.   Ben is the Lobo of the ranch's name, as well as the ranch manager, head trainer, breeder, shearer, vet tech, toenail clipper, and dog handler.  He is shown here with Ivan, one of the two Great Pyrenees dogs who guard our llama herd.   Ben is a member of the Rocky Mountain Lllama Association, and frequent volunteer at the Estes Park Wool Market.  He is also a Marine Corps veteran and avid motorcyclist, riding his Kawasaki Mean Streak on long trips and his Ducati Monster for speed.



Mimi and Ben with Freckles and Amaretta after a very successful day at the Estes Park Wool Market, June 2004.











Mimi Wesson has been a llama owner since 2000.  She is the Mariposa of the Rancho Lobo y Mariposa, and also webmaster and Ben's chief assistant in all other ranch activities.  She enjoys showing more than shearing, but does not mind cleaning up after the llamas, as she finds it tends to put other things into a useful perspective.  Off the ranch, Mimi teaches at the University of Colorado Law School.  She is also a novelist (under the name Marianne Wesson); you can read about her books, if you like, at www.wessonbooks.com (or order them at amazon.com!)  She shares Ben's passion for motorcycling, riding a Kawasaki Drifter (also known as an Indian wannabee) until Indian gets its act together and makes some more Spirits.



BEN and MIMI were married at the ranch in August 2003 with some very important guests in attendance, including WINDY.