Whether you live in our area, or are visiting nearby, we will arrange for you and your companions to spend a half day or a day hiking through our magnificent mountains, with llamas to carry your gear, lunch, and beverages.  Until you have tried llama hiking, you can have no idea of the pleasures of walking unburdened by a pack.


Your day will begin on our porch, where we will greet you with coffee and juice.  Then Ben will train each member of your party who would like to lead a llama, for all or part of the hike, in the methods of leading. 


Then we will pack up the llamas and be off.  We can trailer the llamas to spectacular nearby hiking areas like Rabbit Mountain Open Space or Lions' Gulch, if you like.  But we recommend that you take advantage of the hiking available on and near our property, on the historic Blue Mountain Ranch, as that choice will give you more time outdoors.


We will be happy to pick you and your party of up to six  in Lyons, and drive you up to the ranch.  We can also arrange for box lunches for you if you give us a day or so advance notice.


A half day hike is $50 for one or two, and an additional $15 for each beyond two.   A full day hike is $75 for one or two, and an additional $20 for each beyond two.  Lunch, if desired, is extra.


Call or e-mail us (see How to Contact Us) if you would like to explore these possibilities.






One of our guests, Bob Appleton of St. Louis, became quite fond of Stormy (and vice-versa).