We offer boarding at the rate of 65 dollars per month, for which we will treat your llama just like one of our own.  There is someone at the ranch nearly all the time, and the llamas enjoy secure barn accommodations from dusk to sunup, without exception, every night. We have rolling pasture, ponds, and fresh water.  The boarding fee includes annual shots, worming, dusting, and toenail clipping.  Ben will also shear your llama for a reasonable fee.  Beautiful back country hiking is available right from our premises, so there is no need to trailer your llama to go hiking unless you want to.





  Ben shears Amaretta in our barn, while our guard dog Ivan looks on. 


The pond offers recreation for llamas who like to go into the water, and the creek above it provides training opportunities for those who don't.






We are not sure if our llamas appreciate the scenery as much as they ought to, but we know they are happy about the grass.

Our house overlooks the pastures and barns, so the llamas never go unobserved for very long.


In the winter all the llamas spend the night in the new red barn, but the old loafing shed on the right, with secure floor-to-roof gates,  houses the adult males in warm weather.  It's more comfortable for the guys, and allows the ladies and babies in the barn to stay cooler too.